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EFT Tarkov - Honest Review


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First of all this is the only cheat I've ever used for Tarkov so I have nothing to compare it too. This being said KernAim was the easiest choice. Seen an AD on another forum and was sceptical. Bought a 7 day pass and its been smooth sailing from then. 

The cheat comes with ESP and Aimbot features both of which work incredibly well and how they should. There is the occasional stutter where I enter a raid and the loader isn't running although this only seems to happen on bigger maps (not sure if there is any correlation) such as Woods, Shoreline and Reserve. The Aimbot comes with 2 options of either rage recoil or legit recoil. I've found this to be a refreshing way to adjust the recoil to your own liking. Of course you can go laser aim no recoil at all but just to give others a chance there is yaw and pitch sliders completely customizable, makes it feel like your not ruining the game completely and still adds levels of difficulty when coming up against players. 

Most importantly it gets updated ALOT, all the time its being updated and within a few hours of a technical update its back up and running fully updated and undetected. Some features don't work straight away after submitting a support ticket, they let you know what's going on nonetheless and keep you fully in the loop. I've got to say I didn't expect any kind of customer support when it came to a cheat. 

Overall 9/10, If your looking for a cheat that's easy to use, easy to install and undetected.

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