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Honest Dayz review


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Thought after a couple of days it was in due time to write a review of the Kernaim DayZ cheat. Before I start, im comming from two different DayZ cheats and have been cheating legitimately in DayZ for a good while. 



I haven't been using the Aimbot feature in Kernaim, as I dont use this for my playstyle. The aimbot although offers good settings for both rage, and legit use which I think is pretty good.



Player ESP, radar and hereby related visuals work nicely. Setup is easy and the rendering is perfect, could use a bit more customization but for the price of the cheat and the base features, the Player ESP is perfect.


Item ESP:

The item ESP works like a charm, both on vanilla and modded servers. Again it could do with more customizable features like creating players own whitelisted items etc., but again for the price this works like a charm - and it is perfect for locating good weapons or rare items.


Misc tab:

Misc items again works perfect, with the possibility of rendering different time, free-cam, crosshair and different features.



Cheat work like a charm, for the price you're paying you get reasonable features and perfect rendering visuals. I have never experienced any crashes with the cheat injected, and the FPS impact is almost not mentionable. Only con to the cheat is that it is hard to use with 3rd party launchers, such as DZSA launcher, which I used. This causes the cheat to inject in the launcher, and the keybinds to be attached to the launcher. The cheat and ESP still works like a charm ingame, it is just harder to use the keybinds. The cheat also on game-close causes blue-screens which is unfortunate. 

But for the price and the features, I think the pros greatly outweigh the cons, making this a solid DayZ cheat for the price and features out there.

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