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Dayz Review


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First of I would like to say that the support is outstanding they repliy quick and fast and are helpful, With that out of the way the cheats is good, esp is VERY nice - Although the player esp says it can go up to 1500 meters (2 far anyway) But only goes up to 1000, NOT a big problem.

AIM - The aimbot is good smoothing works nice VERY legit, But i couldn't get the aim prediction to work, NOT a big problem either as the magic aim works wonders, In my opinion if you play with a small fov on the aim you could use the magic aim and it would be very legit. Overall the aimbot is good and has no BS I.E gun having an ark when using magic bullet. 

Loot-esp/esp - At the start I briefly went over the player esp but the loot esp is where it is, this cheat has done very well with the loot esp It will work on modded or  vanilla servers perfectly, Personally I have been using on the dayz/tarkov severs to snatch up good loot works like an absolute charm, clean and easy to read go's up to 1000 meters, Player esp has everything you need as well, Looks and works as intended :) (Expect the Distance).

Misc./Fav feature - In the misc. section of this cheat they got a handy feature knows as force third person, now I know this might not be needed or appreciated by others but I for one love this feature I just enjoy looking at my character, Also The FREE CAM is great I don't see it as much in dayz cheats as i used to but its nice to see it here, The controllers are a little janky but i can live with it.

Price - The price of this cheat is in my opinion a real deal at just 20$ for a week With great features and good services its hard to beat! But coupled with the cheats Safe and NON invasive launcher/loader for the price It might be the best Cheat on the market.

Of Course all of this is (MY) opinion But in the end I truly believe this cheat is worth buying you will defiantly get what you paid 4.

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