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 I've been using this cheat since the last wipe but I took a three-month break in the midst of it. So, in total, I've used it for around three to four months.

This cheat has a lot of useful features especially in the ESP regard, you can customize it to show exactly what you need , specific items, their prices,  quest items etc. Other cheats I've tried made my fps take a dip , but this one is much better in that regard. Although there can still be some issues with FPS, especially on certain maps like Lighthouse or Streets, so be careful if you are already running on low fps (If you have a good PC none if this is applicable to you). The aimbot and recoil isn't as customizable as you would want it but it gets the job done.

The support is quick to help, and there aren't many issues with the software in general.

Overall, I'd recommend this cheat if you want to cheat in a more subtle way, which is good if you would want to stream or make videos/clips/shorts

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