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Dayz Review


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 Personally, I think that my review can be divided into several stages.
1. Aimbot
What can I say, it is very well made, very simple and effective, it is easy to hide because everything can be set up properly.
are very well done, you can set it for players, I like the option of choosing colors for yourself. It also has a very good radar, when you try to hide from the admin you don't have to look behind you to see the enemy you have a radar that accurately displays the distance of the enemy.
ESP It's done phenomenally after the last update everything is fixed you can display all you need you can see the status of every item every box buried under the map every mushroom you need to survive 🙂 very nice option
A very nice option to configure your cfg cheats
save and load with a click.
And now the biggest option of this cheat in my opinion: FreeCam
with this solution you can pull things out through the wall, while sitting in a building you can shoot some moron next to you on freecam.
And now the most important point of my cheat opinion, I mean technical support. When an update came in that broke the cheat, I wrote to support and got an answer right away. The message said that time would be turned back while repairs were made.
I believe that the support is active and kind, responds quickly to problems, giving instructions on what to do to make it work.

I rate the cheat a very good 10/10
Administration and support 10/10 for quick responses.
Very nice cheat, buy it and have fun. Your game your rules

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