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Apex Legends Review


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Aimbot:  Aimbot is very good, visible only option, FOV adjustment, Strength adjustment in both vertical, and horizontal axis. There is recoil compensation, and multiple key choices overall 9/10. The only reason its not a ten,  I wish there were more available keys to bind your aim to, its rather limited, not a deal breaker for me its a very effective aimbot.

Esp: Esp is great , box, skeleton , glow, deathbox, loot, lines,radar,spectator notification,  esp covers it all, great distance, very customizable, pretty much perfect. 9.5/10. Only reason its not a ten for me is the color customization defaults to red being visible, and yellow being not visible? I find that weird, should be default green is visible, red is not visible, again, not a big deal, its otherwise flawless, big fan.

Security: Use it on my main, and a few alts. Never got caught, they are open, and transparent, the website says there was a detection, roughly six months ago,  im using now, and have used in the past, never got a ban, seem to me to be great, other forums list kernaim to be among the top providers, for safety and quality, i would agree. 

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