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I have been enjoying the Rust cheats for almost a month now (15+ days) and feel I can write a constructive review.


  • Easy to Use
  • Ui is simple and effective
  • almost every option works flawlessly (silent kinda jumbles a bit between working and not working)
  • Aimbot lock is pretty accurate with some compensation required for more distant targets.


  • Aimbot does not calculate distance on some weapons past 200m... we can beam 300m normally without the cheats... The bow is just broken. sometimes it locks, most times it doesn't.
  • Random boots from the game and game crashes with prolonged use of the cheat
  • Force Day/Night will mess up your cheats and you will have visuals stuck in the same place while moving around until restart.
  • Health, box and skeleton render size does not work at all. and its annoying because you cant even see the players all you see is the huge box and skeleton...

Otherwise im quite content and im 100% sure this feedback will help the development team here perfect their cheat. Stay hard at work guys and gals and thank you for time and dedication! 

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