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2nd Time buyer for DayZ review.


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so i first got the cheat about a year ago and absolutely loved it, i was able to rage hack on multiple servers before being Dev banned, it got to the point where i could not find a community server to play on because i was banned on all of them (rage hacking of course) and i still wasnt anti cheat banned. and even after all that it was a personal dev ban from a person and not the anti cheat, coming back to the cheat i have calmed down a little and played a little more in the closet and noone suspects a thing, players always tell me GG and not "your cheating" overall this cheat is effective at rage hacking or just normal closet cheating. all of the modules and flexibility of everything in the cheat will make players think your just genuinely better. and on top of that you can customize it to your own. i highly reccomend this cheat for anyone looking to just destory a server or just get that extra advantage over your enemy!

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