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[EFT] Review


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This is the 2nd cheat I have tried so far and what has surprised me the most is the security on this one. 
The last cheat I tried from a popular site got me banned within a week, I'm not gonna disclose the name. Although this cheat is different, last time I used the cheat for 30 days straight with no ban or detection and because of that I have decided to extend my subscription.

Aimbot 8/10
Aimbot is amazing, you can adjust the settings if you want to do some closet cheating. You the selection and adjust the smoothness, fov and all the neccesary to find the comfort spot.

ESP: 10/10
The ESP is great and you can choose between multiple settings, Item ESP, Filter each item, filter by price, land mine ESP <-- Very useful because I have died too many times from Land mines and now I don't haha. Again there are more features, but I'm just mentioning what I enjoy the most. 

Performance: 7/10: 
In my case it does have a hit in performance, I used to be able to play with power saving on, but if i do that with the cheat It would be laggy. Otherwise it's great. 

In my case I've been looking for a cheat that's not for raging, but more legit/closet cheating and Kernaim does the best here. Oh yeah, also with the security.


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