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cheat review ( DAYZ )


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[1] - AIMBOT 
The reviews will start with the aimbot which has been improved and now works much better than before
Works from any distance available in the cheat gui

[2] - Wallhack ( VISUALS )  
I don't judge how it's called correctly, I'll say it works great, it shows all opponents, all vehicles
Skeleton options are super accurate and awesome, and you can change the colors of pretty much anything

[3] - ITEM ESP 
Shows all items within about 200 meters each category can be changed (color) and the coolest is that it shows modded items
besides, the cheat supports English, Polish and probably some I haven't checked all of them yet, but it depends on the dayz settings

[4] - MISC
Simple and accurate, starting with a watermark shows the number of active players, there is a time mode that makes night turn into day and vice versa, you can set each hour as you like.The most helpful thing is the free cam which allows you to shoot the enemy from the air take his loot through the wall and overall it's super awesome i recommend.
Cheat configuration is simple you can have fun, when you set cheats you can save them and load the last cfg next time.

I recommend cheats they are fucking well made, you can work on them a lot and it's worth spending money on them because they are not expensive.

Regards, have fun

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