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Honest EFT Review


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I purchased my sub on 08/14/23 , here is my honest review and opinion

Aim 8/10 - Easily switchable when wanting to kill scavs or rage, doesnt always hit perfectly but i'd say 90%, pretty darn good and doesnt fail you in a fight. No silent aim for those who wish to have it, customizable recoil/sway makes up for that since you can just beam them that way without aimbot anyways.

Visuals 7/10 - LOVE the quest items and locations (Would be nice to have the locations tracked like the items so it doesnt clog the screen) , Config system is pretty simple using a .txt file, however the items, pricing, etc is just confusing. If theres items that aren't sellable on the market you can either just choose the 'Non-market' option, but then clogs your screen. Or you can go and individually add each item which can be tedious. This isn't a huge deal, but a nice QOL fix people would love. The market pricing seems to be updated frequently which is also helpful, however I've been recently experiencing bugs such as (Player value staying at 0K, Price filters not working (Only quest items and individually selected items will show)

Menu 9/10 - Simple, somewhat pretty easy to maneuver besides the visuals.

Performance 10/10 - Amazing performance, extremely minimal to no performance drop when playing, even with a fully clogged screen of esp xD.

Misc features 9/10 - No inf stam ;( Everything else 10/10

Overall 8/10 - I would recommend this cheat, decent pricing with the sale on. Quest esp is what people want right now and these guys offer it. You can legit with this, rage with it, or just farm/quest, etc. 

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