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Review of EFT cheat


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First time trying kernaims EFT cheat and can definitely say i will recommend it to anyone!

Setup 10/10 🖥️

Fast and easy, clear instructions and simple install

Visuals 10/10 👁️

works exactly as advertised, If you spend a little bit of time you can find the list of items you want to make ESP very clear and functional. Will definitely help you get through those tasks like nothing since it has quest tracking and thats one of my favourite things in this menu. 

Aim 10/10 🎯

Works perfectly fine, all options are explained clearly, very easy to find what works for you. I enjoy the adjustability of sway and spread and finding what suites me best, Love the options to adjust distance, body parts etc.

Community 9/10 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦

They have a telegram, and in that telegram everyone helps each other and can put custom configs and you get dev updates its overall just a nice community.

Overall 10/10 📋

Easy to use, makes the search for those quest items much more enjoyable/easy. I Would Highly recommended to anyone.

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