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EFT Cheat Review


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By far one of the best cheats out there for EFT. I have used other providers in the past and while they are all nice, i don't think anyone can really top Kernaim's EFT cheat

ESP: Its pretty clean and nice
Item ESP: Works really well, only complaint i would have is the screen clutter but that is prob my fault since im greedy 🙂 
Aimbot: Pretty smooth. Rage is defiantly nice, while i notice with "Legit" you just gotta adjust a little of the settings and its perfect 
Misc tab: not much to say here but all the small things in there are a nice touch

As for the performance hit. I haven't noticed any loss of performance with using the cheat . Which is such a big plus.

I personally trust the cheat to the point where im using it on my main EOD account currently. level 48 and still going. 
I highly recommend this cheat to others if they want to closet or just go a little spicy 😉 .

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