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Kernaim APEX Cheat Review


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Amazing cheat with a lot of customizable features!
You have your standard aimbot and esp with a ton of tuneable settings, loot esp and my personal favourite: Spectator counter
This should actually be one of the main selling points, You get a notification when you're being spectated.
This is amazing for people who want a slight advantage (weak aimbot and minimal esp) or wanna go full rage mode without actually getting caught, since apex has no killcams.

EZ tutorial on how to never get banned
1. set esp to whatever you like
2. keep aimbot smoothing to 5 - 5, this way it looks way more natural than 3- 3.
3. Disable aimbot (and esp if you think it'll help you look more legit) when someone spectates you
4. profit

Overall good cheat, and the worth the 24,99 bucks for one whole week

GG gamers. game on

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