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EFT Cheat Review


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Used Kernaim for just over a week now. I've experienced a couple of issues but were quickly ironed out by the support team! big thumbs up on that!

ESP - 9/10 - The toggle feature for loots, loot filtration, quest item filtration etc etc is amazing. I love the customisability from a simple wallhack to seeing where high grade items are across the map. My only quibble is sometimes it drops out for a couple of minutes at a time or lags for 20/30 seconds where i have to sit and wait for it to come back. But otherwise its super solid!

Aimbot - 8/10 - I dont really use this; simply because the ESP does all the work for me, i aim, i shoot myself; makes it feel more legit to the person receiving the bullets and hopefully get less reports. The time i tried it, locked on and shot, headshots all day long. I did have issues with some 1-6x scopes not working well but again i dont use the bot that much

Exploits - I cant say, i've not used them. I don't plan to since its a much bigger risk (in my eyes) getting caught.

config import/export 10/10 - super simple to use. Allows for multiple profiles to be used and swapped between very easily.

The "non-support" telegram is perfect for getting support too 😄 - mainly support that is usually a quick fix so it doesn't fill up your support ticket inbox 😄

GG guys. I like it.

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