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Apex Review


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Apex cheat review

Decided to try Kern's Apex cheat and I have to say that I'm impressed! Extremely easy to setup and run, and I've had no problems with it so far except for when I've tried to record footage. It seems to mess with the cheat and crashes/turns off the cheat. The only thing I feel like its missing is probably a triggerbot.

  • Aimbot works perfectly and no problems playing legit/rage it works fine for both. I only use cheats to get a little extra help so I always play legit and I have to say this works perfect for me, bunch of options to customize it to your playstyle.
  • Nothing to complain about with the visuals, a lot of options to fit everybody. I personally only use the player glow and item glow which i toggle on/off during games.
  • I love the spectators list and option to disable aimbot while being spectated. The skin changers are also a nice addition
  • When it comes to security I cant really answer yet, since I haven't used it long enough. So far so good 🙂


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