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EFT Cheese - Review


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Hello Community,

For a long time I was looking again for an EFT Cheese and found it.

Have tested because Cheese all weekend intensively and this is my conclusion about it:

10-/10 ESP + Loot ESP : Have never found such a cool ESP you can customize everything to you with the Loot filters ! Especially a mega + point is that the screen is not so crowded with all items but only one point and if you drive with the crosshair on it you see which item + price.

The only thing I'm sorry is that no Visible Check is present in the ESP otherwise everything is TOP! Therefore a 10- otherwise 10+ !

Aimbot: What can I say the Aimbot does his job and he also looks very legitimate ! Am Legit player and can adapt him to my needs and must say he is top !

Misc: Can't say much about it unfortunately since I mostly always stream and can't use thermal as well as the other features what the hack has to offer.

Also had no crashes and in the time where I used it there were already 2 small updates so the team is trying and is always to reach!

Recommendation: I recommend the product and I would recommend a 1 month if not 3 months if you are actively playing Tarkov.



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