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Escape from Tarkov Review


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Aim 10/10 - I've only used the legit aim and it doesnt fail you in a fight. No silent aim for those who wish to have it, customizable recoil/sway with target groups and so on

Visuals 7/10 - LOVE the quest items and locations (Would be nice to have the locations tracked so it doesnt clog the screen). This isn't a huge deal, but a nice QOL fix people would love. The market pricing seems to be updated frequently which is also helpful.

Menu 9/10 - Simple!

Performance 10/10 - Amazing performance, extremely minimal to no performance drop when playing, even with a fully clogged screen of esp.

Misc features 9/10 - Haven't used it too much, however Radar is of much help!

Overall 10/10 - I would recommend this cheat, decent pricing with the sale on. Quest esp is what people want right now and these guys offer it. You can legit with this, rage with it, or just farm/quest, etc.

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