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EFT Review


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It's quite unreal how good this is. Not going to lie, I don't like cheating, I just hate these monotonous and boring quests. This program is so smooth and I've had ZERO problems.

  1. Aimbot + Recoil, etc.
    I change the keybind to the SHIFT key, which is my hold breath. Honestly I hardly use it, I don't like to be that OP, but when you do use it, it's insanely good.
    I have not touched the recoil settings, nor much of the other checkboxes for aimbot, I try to stay away from it to be honest.
  2. ESP
    What I came here for, the options listed for what you want to see is so helpful. The quest items checkbox is my go to. Or when I'm dying of hunger/thirst I click the food/drink category. Could be better organized/named, but for what it's worth it's well done.
  3. Other Settings
    I don't mess with these, haven't needed to or wanted to, but I'm willing to bet they work like a charm.


Extremely well done Kernaim. Extremely well done.

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