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CS2 Review

Nordi Jaffar

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Okay, Let's start talking about the functionality of KERNAIM CS2.

I was really excited to see a long-time Apex Legends Provider to step in the scene and create something for CS2.


Firstly, Let's talk about the injection methods.



Very straight forward and easy to follow. (You gotta be 10IQ If you can't follow their instructions)

Details are very clear on what you need to get started

FAQs are provided in the event that something isn't working for you and also support is always there 24/7, so no issues here



Visuals are pretty mid. Being that this cheats are in the early stage, it works fairly okay with no issues.

It contains certain useful visuals such as

  • Player ESP
  • Bones skeleton
  • Box
  • Health

and also provides the visible only option which is a YES for legit cheating.

Skeleton can be buggy at times but I understand that this is a early development of the cheat.



Honestly, I don't really use the aimbot often (Only RCS)

RCS is incredibly smooth and nice. Definitely love the pull-down pattern and also being able to adjust is a +.

But, looking at the community telegram chat. Developers are in the chat trying to take in feedback in order to improve the aim to make it better for everyone. 

Especially with the add-on of groups, which allows people to customize every different weapons up to their liking instead of focusing on a single one.


I am pretty sure in the upcoming days/weeks/months, KERNAIM CS2 Will be updated continuously and more functions will be added accordingly.

Thank you! and HAPPY GAMING! 

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