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Apex Legend Honest Review.


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First about me, I am Konsixc and I test cheats and write Review & make video about it. Its my first time here in Kernaim, never heard from them before but god damn I wish I had known them early. I bought 2 Cheats from them CS2 and now Apex Legend and at first I had trust issue about the Apex Legend Cheat because I got once my PC bricked by other Apex Legend Cheat Provider but Kernaim...  Jesus Christ on Motorbike, I want to give the Admin, Coder and Staff a Blowjob (No Homo) for this awesome work but lets get to my Honest Review. 


KernAim Apex Legend Honest Review : 

Website 9/10 : Its easy to locate what a customer looking for, nice design and nice Promo Videos about the Cheat. What is missing is a Shoutbox for the Community.

Community 10/10 : I did not have enough time here on the Forum but as it looks Friendly people here, if there were a Shoutbox it would be even better to know.

Staff 100/10 : They are Helpfull, They respond very fast and very friendly. Love them already.

Cheat Menu 8/10 : The cheat menu is very simple that even someone with low IQ would understand it. On the forum the friendly Admin/Staff has take his time to write all the function and what they do so u will not have a hard time at all. What I dont like is the design, it need some color but thats just my own taste 😄 

Visual 10/10 : The Visual is next gen shit. I never seen a cheat before with such Visual options, like it very very much, big probs on the coder ❤️ 

Aimbot 10/10 : Same as the Visual, next gen shit. Its soo good, you have the option to make it look so legit and land every fcking shot Jesus Christ on Motorbike its soo good I fell on love for it ❤️ 

Safety 10/10 : Me as long time Cheater, I know what pain in the ass it is to bypass EasyAntiCheat, it is one of the hardest AC to bypass and here u have KernAim fcking their butt, played 7 Games, won all of them No Ban, No Error it is just beautiful.

Overall 10000/10 : The Cheat is perfect ❤️ The Community is Perfect ❤️ The Staff Members are Prefect ❤️ I really dont know why no one is talking about them, such a Legend site with Legend People with more Legend Coders. I have nothing else then love to these people. It was my first purchase here and on god that aint going be the last time. 

Thank you KernAim for making such beautiful product ! You guys got a 5 Stars Rating from me on Trustpilot (still pending tho 😄 ), I hope other customer do it too, u guys deserve it!

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