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Tarkov Review


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Kernaim is hands down the best cheat I've ever used for any game. Its remarkable ability to let you loot through walls not only saves you from investing in expensive keys but also boosts your earnings whenever you stumble upon them. The ESP functionality works flawlessly, and the aimbot is astonishingly precise. What sets Kernaim apart is its time-scale feature, which not only allows for quick in-and-out maneuvers but also serves as a strategic countermeasure against other cheaters.

In my extensive experience playing Tarkov wipes, I can confidently say that Kernaim provides the ultimate cheating experience. I wholeheartedly recommend grabbing a key for yourself!

Installation is a breeze if you have prior experience, and the support team is exceptionally responsive and helpful if you're new to the process. Kernaim's cheat system performs exceptionally well, offering seamless loading and operation. The ESP feature is particularly impressive, and you have the option to customize the displayed loot, adding to the overall convenience.

ESP functionality truly shines, allowing you to tailor your loot display to your preferences. The array of aimbot options, coupled with accurate prediction, enhances your gameplay significantly. Personally, I adore the additional features like looting through walls and manipulating the timescale to my advantage.

One standout quality of Kernaim is its commitment to swift bug fixes and incorporating user feedback into updates. Whenever I encountered issues, the support team was lightning-fast in resolving them, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free experience.

In all honesty, Kernaim stands out as the best Tarkov cheat I've ever had the pleasure of using, with minimal issues throughout multiple wipes. Even during the occasional technical hiccup, the outstanding support team swiftly provided solutions. ESP and aimbot functions perform exceptionally well, and the ability to save and load configurations is straightforward.

Kernaim delivers precisely what I need without any regrets. Whether you opt for player ESP, item ESP, or the aimbot, the cheat's performance is top-notch. If you're considering using the aimbot, I recommend sticking with the 'legit' variant to avoid any unwanted attention. Kernaim is an exceptional choice for enhancing your Tarkov experience, and I couldn't be happier with it.

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