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EFT Cheat Review


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I recently rebought the cheat as I loved it a lot. With me having more time on the cheat,  I will say that it is THE BEST for those looking to closet on eft. I currently have kappa along with 242mil rub. I am currently using this on my main account which is 58 as of right now.

Aimbot 9/10: The aimbot is overall very impressive. I have yet to lose to another rage cheater. Legit settings leave a bit more to be desired.

ESP and ESP LOOT 10/10: The customizability of the ESP is amazing. Being able to color code certain items you are looking for is an amazing feature. Having the ability to customize what price range your looking for with filters is a huge Plus!. Quest Item highlights is very helpful.

As for Misc stuff on the cheat. Id have to rate it with 8/10. There is some stuff I would love to see but I can understand why I don't see it.

Overall 9.8/10: KernAim cares about your security. I'm very happy to see a cheat provider that cares about their customers and their security.   The support team is very friendly and they will take care of you.  I highly recommend Kern to anyone looking to get into closeting.

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