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CS2 Review (Legit customer)


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I have to say, KernAim has went above my expectations. 

Support was a breeze and great! 

Injection was smooth and without issues (Just make sure your antivirus uninstalled and defender disabled) - they have a pretty easy guide to follow. 

The cheese was 8/10

Aim: 8/10: Sometimes working, sometimes not. Don't expect rage settings or 1 taps flicks from this. 

ESP: 9/10 Awesome, works great and no lags or anything like that. Just that the colours don't change when the enemy is visible. 

Trigger: 10/10, works as expected, sometimes shoots too fast but there's a delay slider 

MISC: 10/10, able to save your config and load them whenever you need. 


Any suggestions - the dev will listen to your feedback and give you a conclusive feedback. 


Overall - Highly recommend. 

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