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apex review.


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Aimbot: 9/10

Aimbot is very smooth. Easy to use, and very legit.


ESP: 8/10

ESP is kinda lagy. But if you play with glow there is no problem. I'm pretty sure lag issue end of my computer. Because i use lot of programs.


Support: 10/10

I used lot of chairs. I can't play games without chairs lol. And i used rl, gta, lol, valo, tarkov cheats. And i dealed so many times chair supports. Kernaim is the best about it. Thanks for the support crew!


Loader: 9/10

Loader is very easy to use it. But i would recommend to add save settings. It would be awesome. Because when i open the menu i set my settings. And it takes 2-3 min.


So this is the best Apex Chair. Thanks for Kernaim!

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