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EFT Review


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I would just like to start this off by stating that I have been using the EFT cheat for almost a week now. I wanted to make sure to thoroughly test it before giving a review on it, and not just for the 3 days extra.

I am a closet/"legit" cheater, and primarily focused on the ESP features rather than the Aimbot/combat features. However, the aimbot works wonderfully when I decided it was necessary to use. The other combat features were great, too. The NoSpread and Recoil modes were flawless and actually seemed to work *too* well. As for the ESP, it's perfect. I didnt have any issues with it and wholly recommend it just for the ESP itself, its a great value. Coming across keycards and gpus is a breeze.

I did have a bit of a hiccup after an update, but after submitting a ticket, support got to me in less than 10 minutes or so. My issue appeared to be on my side, as I hadnt disabled a few things, but afterwards I hadnt had any issues. Support is fast and efficient, wouldnt want it any other way.

Overall, if you were like me and skeptical about this cheat, I would recommend it.

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