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My EFT Review / Rating


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I will give a review about my experience with Kernaim.to EFT Cheat.

ESP: 9/10 Very clean and i love the fact that skeletons ESP showing up after around 100 Meters so its not laggy at all.

Features: 10/10 I looooove the MISC features so much and never got banned with it. I never need to buy a key again cause of Loot trough wall. Its really a life saver.

Aimbot: 10/10 Clean and multiple settings if you wanna rage or play legit. You can make youre own custom aimbot settings and thats a rare thing in eft to change youre own recoil etc.

In all i give it a 9,5/10

Very clean i love the menu aswell and little features like Quest helper is really good and i love it.


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