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Escape From Tarkov - 1 week of usage


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Setup - Nice and easy, disable any overlays and get a program that kernaim links that will keep windows defender off, and the performance boosting software is good to go


Aimbot - 7/10 Not perfect, but works well

I only use the aimbot on scavs, for the most part it works very well, and adjusts the prediction based bullet speed and drop. I do not use the rage features so it can miss due to sway, random movement changes and other Tarkov factors.


Visuals - 9/10 Almost perfect

Has almost everything you need, player esp, distance, item/corpse/stashes and also lists the approximate price of items. Dev was also thoughtful enough to add active quest items to be differently coloured. Only thing that would bump it to a 10/10 for me is chams.


Misc/exploits - 10/10 Perfect and has everything you need

Best feature imo is the loot through walls, which increases your looting range to ~5m and lets you loot through 1 wall. I also enjoy the night and thermal vision. Other features are also listed on the escape from tarkov page. All features work extremely well.



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