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Rust Review / Needed features!


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The rust chair Is great for being undetected. Haven't been banned in over 3 months. In terms of reliability, the esp/aimbot will occasionally stop working causing me to reboot my pc but other than that it's great. In terms of features I think it's lacking compared to others on the market but I'm sure over time there will be more features added. Hacker vs hacker is a losing fight with this client. Chairs such as dopeamine on depshop allows you to shoot around corners. If anyone is using this and raging you will lose 100% of the time although I dont mind as dopeamine seems to have a significantly higher ban rate. Some features I'd love to see that dopeamine has is 

-raid esp: ability to see when someone is raiding anywhere on the map

-debug camera: ability to look inside bases (admin flag and the debug camera command on this chair banned me Instantly(it says risky right on it))

-player lookup: lookup players and see info such as last known location, what bases they have been in, ect.

-tc access list/sleeping bag: ability to see who has been accessed on a tc or owns a bag/bed

-disel barrel esp: adding disel barrel to esp


As someone who switches back and forth between chairs, if those features were added I would use the service exclusively. 

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Hello kayos

Thank you for taking the time to provide your detailed feedback on our Rust cheat. We're happy to hear that you've enjoyed our cheat for over three months.

We understand the occasional need for a reboot due to the esp/aimbot issue and are actively working on improving stability to minimize any interruptions to your gameplay.

Regarding features, we appreciate your suggestions and we're taking note of your requested features, we are planning to add more features to our Rust cheat. However, our primary focus has always been and will continue to be the security of our cheats and closet cheating (not HvH). When compared to other options like Dopamine, which, as you mentioned, has faced multiple detections recently (2 detections in 3-4 months AFAIK).

Thank you once again for your review 😄

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